When does a holiday begin?

Many would say the moment you step off the aircraft and feel the breeze of a new climate, however the new London to Bolzano route with SkyAlps ensures that the journey is very much an important part of the travelling experience, with South Tyrolean wines and local treats on board, a closer look at the Dolomites at lower altitudes and guaranteed no middle seats!

With a brand-new London Gatwick to Bolzano route commencing 17 April 2024 – the Italian boutique airline is only just getting started. 

  • New Summer Schedule: SkyAlps are delighted to announce the launch of the spring/summer schedule from London Gatwick to Bolzano, commencing on 17 April 2024. SkyAlps will continue to bring the Dolomites closer than ever to the UK market, after successfully launching the connection from Stansted this winter. The new schedule can be found on their website.
  • Guaranteed 80% Snow: The Dolomites have some of the best snow machines and can guarantee 80% of slopes open even if little snowfall is planned. Fly out from London Stansted to Bolzano until the spring/summer schedule begins from Gatwick. 
  • Never Stuck in the Middle: Unlike regular jet planes, you'll never be stuck in the middle, because on this prop-plane, there isn't one! Two seats each side and a spacious aisle ensure maximum comfort and only ever a window seat or an aisle.
  • The Sky's Ski Lift: Bolzano is a small, quick and efficient airport with very little queues, if any.  Whisk through security and straight onto the slopes, cutting some transfer times from other airports, such as Innsbruck or Venice, nearly in half.
  • Reach for the Mountains: SkyAlps' propeller plane flies much lower than regular jets, never exceeding 25,000 feet. This means that the passengers can experience the Dolomites from a perspective rarely seen. Flying at a lower altitude can help with tiredness upon touch down. Moreover, it results in less emissions and thus a reduced climate impact.
  • Local Delicacies: Travellers can relax and enjoy a premium experience aboard the about 2 hours flight with a wine menu in hand, comprised of South Tyrolean wines, all complimentary. SkyAlps have handpicked 48 producers of wine to feature in their rotating menus, including four awarded quality wines every month. The in-flight complimentary snacks are also local delicacies with Italian flare, including full-fat yoghurt and fennel-flavoured Schüttelbrot, a regional bread. 
  • Lesser-Known Bolzano: A city in the northernmost region in Italy and one of the lesser-known destinations – Bolzano offers valleys, culture, vineyards and delicious cuisine. The new Gatwick route allows travellers to enjoy warmer temperatures in spring.