Running throughout the month, Barbados marks its Independence today (November 30) as it continues its celebrations, which include sports competitions, fairs, community events and religious services.

With the Caribbean Island state splitting from its colonial rule in 1966, and further, since, braking its association with the UK-ruled Commonwealth - a year after becoming a republic -there are numerous events and activities held throughout Barbados and the diaspora, to mark the occasion, with the most notable set to be the National Independence Day Parade, in the capital, Bridgetown, featuring a large number of floats, marching bands and dancers.


Highlights include the decorative lighting of Parliament Buildings, Independence Square, the Independence Arch and businesses throughout the capital Bridgetown, using blue and gold coloured bulbs (the national colours). Roundabouts on the highways are also lighted, creating a spectacular view at night.

“The pomp and pageantry that is normally associated with Independence Day will be there for the people of Barbados and visitors to our shores”, said Barbados Defence Force Chief of Staff Commodore Errington Shurland.

Other activities will also include cultural exhibitions, concerts, street parties and fireworks displays. For many Barbadians, this day is a time to reflect on the island’s history and to celebrate its bright future.