From Kingston to Kuala Lumpa, MoBay to Torbay, Birmingham, Boston, Toronto, Tottenham, and further afield, Jamaicans the world over celebrate the 55th year of independence of the land they love.

With special parties and services - of varying magnitude – in the highest of offices and most basic of house parties, following Emancipation Day, on August 1, men women and children of the Diaspora mark the occasion today to commemorate its freedom from British colonial occupation in 1962 and the very first raising of the Pan-African coloured flag.

The national anthem, ‘Jamaica, Land We Love,’ will be bellowed out with considerable vigor throughout the day as the country which gave the world Usain and Bob, Grace and Rita, Mary and Marcus, Alexander, Cyndy, Edward, Portia, Shelly-Ann and Chris, plus too many more who have enriched history,

Today is about showing just what you’ve got.