In a significant move to boost Jamaica's digital infrastructure, Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke (pic) and Senator Matthew Samuda inked a Financial Advisory Services Agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The agreement, finalized at COP28 in Dubai, lays the foundation for structuring the National Broadband Project as a Public Private Partnership (PPP). This project is a key part of Jamaica's national development strategies, aiming to provide affordable high-speed broadband service for all its citizens.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has emphasized the importance of this initiative, highlighting it as key to achieving universal broadband access across the island nation. The partnership with IFC is part of a broader strategy to enhance Jamaica's digital capabilities through PPPs, which are expected to play a critical role in the country's ongoing digital transformation and economic growth.

The National Broadband Project, as envisioned by the Jamaican government, will not only ensure that high-speed internet is available and affordable but will also avoid redundancy in service provision. It is part of a cooperative framework designed to create a unified broadband network that fosters universal access.

Additionally, the upcoming GovNet system is set to securely interconnect all Jamaican ministries, integrating them within this advanced digital framework.