Five months into her role as CEO of Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board (NPIPB), Joy Jibrilu has her sights set on raising up the next generation of Bahamians to ensure the future of the archipelago’s tourism industry is better and brighter than ever.

“It has been an incredible experience to discover even more about the great work that Nassau Paradise Island Promotion Board has done over its 53 years in existence,” said Jibrilu, while recognizing the vision and dedication of Sir Lynden Pindling, Sir Clement Maynard, and George Myers in laying a strong foundation for the organization’s work.


As the first Bahamian to hold the position, Jibrilu feels a great sense of responsibility not only to ensure that NPIPB fulfills its mission and goals, but also to direct and guide the body in ways that prepare and strengthen the Bahamas’ future leaders for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the competitive tourism landscape.

“It is incumbent upon me to show how we've evolved as a people and what we can do so that future generations recognize that leadership is something to which they can aspire. As tourism professionals who have benefited from everything that tourism has to offer, we have a responsibility to create opportunities for the next generation to be trained to take over,” she said.

Jibrilu is especially excited about an upcoming initiative to help reach this goal – the establishment of a NPIPB scholarship fund that will train individuals for tourism and hospitality management careers. She explained that NPIPB was set up not only to market member property hotels, but also to ensure that education was a key component of its commitment to the people of the Bahamas.

In her new role, Jibrilu also is keen on encouraging her fellow Bahamians to explore, experience and enjoy their home through the eyes of a visitor. “When you travel within the destination as a tourist, your eyes are opened to a different view of Nassau Paradise Island. Checking into a hotel, staying at a resort, and enjoying the beach and the food offerings can change your mindset,” she opined as she sang the praises of one of downtown Nassau’s newest resort projects, Margaritaville Beach Resort Nassau.

“Nassau Paradise Island” is often considered the gateway to the Bahamas. It includes two islands: New Providence, which is home to Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas; and Paradise Island, which is connected by bridge across Nassau Harbour to New Providence.

Jibrilu previously served as Director General of the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, and also held the position of Director of Investments of the Bahamas Investment Authority in the Office of the Prime Minister.

Her career with the Government of The Bahamas began in 2005, where she worked in the former Ministry of Financial Services and Investments as a consultant, followed by the Ministry of Finance where she was a legal advisor.

Jibrilu has lived and worked in West Africa and the United Kingdom. She received her early education in the U.K. and continued her studies at tertiary institutions in Canada, France, England, and the United States. She is a Barrister (Attorney-at-Law) by profession, called to both the English and Bahamian Bars, and is passionate about her country's growth and development.