The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, the Midlands-based leading mental health charity, will be holding an exciting Midlands Knockout Challenge, a thrilling fun event as part of their #FeelGood50 campaign. The one-of-a-kind challenge aims to bring communities together across the Midlands while raising awareness and vital funds to support the charity's essential mental health services.

The Midlands Knockout Challenge takes place on Sunday 20 August, and teams of families, local businesses, and organisations are invited to compete in an electric atmosphere of competition and a fun day out for the whole family. The challenges will include team-based obstacle courses and mental agility tests to challenge everyone involved while supporting the charity's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Monica Shafaq, CEO of the Kaleidoscope Plus Group, speaking on the Midlands Knockout Challenge, said: "We are delighted to launch the Midlands Knockout Challenge as part of our #FeelGood50 campaign." This event provides an amazing opportunity for businesses, families, and teams to band together and actively support mental health initiatives in our community.

“All funds raised will allow our team to continue promoting positive health and wellbeing, challenging the stigma surrounding mental health, building inclusive communities, and providing life-changing services to those in need. KPG support services cost more than £2 million per year to keep running and rely on the kindness and generosity of local residents and businesses to keep vital services running.

“I’m sure everyone will have a great time. Together, we can make a real difference and ensure that essential mental health services are accessible to all."

The Midlands Knockout Challenge invites businesses, families, and sports clubs to form teams and participate in this exciting event. By doing so, participants not only engage in friendly competition but also contribute to a significant fundraising goal that directly supports the Kaleidoscope Plus Group's mental health services.

Every pound raised goes towards counselling, helplines, support groups, community outreach, and other crucial initiatives that help individuals struggling with their emotional health and wellbeing. The challenge takes place at Brunswick Park in Wednesbury from midday.

Teams of between eight and ten people are welcome; the entry fee is £10 per person, with a fundraising target of £100 for each participant.