The changing seasons in Kyoto bring boundless joy for the city's visitors each year.  As the calendar pages turn from September through to December, koyo (meaning 'colourful leaves') transform the region's autumnal vistas, just as the cherry blossoms light up the area in spring. For centuries, large numbers of travellers have visited Kyoto to take in this spectacular array of russet tones scattered across the mountains, parks and streets.

Commencing approximately in mid-September every year, the koyo front takes its southbound route from Japan's northern island, Hokkaido. The process is very gradual and changeable, with the leaves in Kyoto typically adopting stunning orange and red tones by October, November or sometimes even as late as the first weeks in December. Kyoto Convention and Visitors Bureau is therefore encouraging UK travellers to experience this striking foliage season in 2016.