People of Stourbridge, customers old and new, were celebrating the unveiling of the stunning £200,000 investment at the Lawnswood pub. Owen Lowther, General Manager, said: “Even I was blown away by the final look and I’d seen the plans! The transformation, the mix of traditional against contemporary light and bright tones has completely transformed the pub, ingeniously adding so much more character.

“We had a fantastic opening weekend with tonnes of positive reviews – people just wander round pointing out all the features, turning corners and saying ‘wow.’ It was really rewarding.”

Five new members of staff were buzzing whilst established staff member Kate Berrington was smiling for a different reason when it was announced the new house ale is named after her. ‘Katesfraun,’ chosen by a customer, is an endearing nod to Kate’s ‘look’ that customers say keeps the odd one in check – hard to believe for those who catch all smiles from Kate!

Six cask and the two craft ales Punk IPA and Brooklyn were on show alongside food samples from the new menu. Live singer Paris Georgia, local entertainer Mark the Magician and Mother’s Day roasts gave the Lawnswood every opportunity to show off her new look.

New menu choices include lunch deal combos such as Pulled BBQ Pork Sub with a drink from £5.99; two meals for £9.99 such as classic Fish and Chips or Chicken Tikka Masala; and new lazy weekend breakfasts from 10am with a traditional at £2.99, or full English at £4.99.

Owen has given locals a reason to visit the pub every day with Hi5 poker and ‘go large’ meals for £4.99 on Mondays; ‘Cask Tuesdays’ with all ales £2.25 a pint; Wednesday quiz; Thursday pub game nights from connect four to pool; and 2-for-1 cocktails on Friday. Saturday kicks off with lazy breakfasts; music on pay-day weekenders and relaxing roasts on Sunday at £6.99.

Owen added: “We have a huge spread of customers but that is what communities are all about and we’ve created a pub with the right atmosphere and ambience that really means there is something for everyone. Come and try a pint with us!”