The Rock of Gibraltar is a true gem for holidaymakers this year. Set in the heart of the Mediterranean, it is just 2.5 hours from home while its sterling currency guarantees that there will be no costly conversion rate in your holiday planning.  The Rock's VAT free status means plenty of tempting shopping in the Main Street shopping district. Familiar high street retailers are interspersed with small shops offering a broad selection of goods, including a wide range of popular cosmetic and perfumery brands at agreeable prices.

Food is an important part of Gibraltarian life. Over generations it has become engrained into the fabric of the destination. Gibraltar's historic diversity is perfectly illustrated through its annual gastronomy festival 'Calentita' which takes place on June 17th as part of the Spring Festival.

There are a wealth of restaurants and bars to choose from on the Rock. Casemates Square is an historic location with restaurants and bars for all. Queensway Quay is a great option for seafront dining and Ocean Village Marina is home to an international casino club together with a buzzing fusion of eateries for all the family.

The Rock is often characterised by its Barbary Macaques which roam freely in the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. During WWII Winston Churchill increased the number of resident Macaques to protect Gibraltar's British legacy – it was believed that if the Macaques left Gibraltar so would the British. Less known, is that during WWII, servicemen assembles Spitfire planes from inside the limestone Rock ready to assist the war effort. Gibraltar's tunnel's and caves are open to explore and for many resemble a living history book.

Gibraltar's Gorham's Cave complex was recently granted UNESCO World Heritage Status. Gorham's Cave, known as the last site of Neanderthal survival, some 28,000 years ago can be visited by boat,

For thrill seekers The Windsor Bridge, will provide a welcomed challenge as part of Gibraltar's Thrill Seekers Trail. Positioned in the Upper Rock at 71 metres long, it is located between two batteries and constructed over a 50 metre gorge.

Less known are Gibraltar's beaches, small and extremely popular with residents in summer, but with the warmer spring months soon upon us there is plenty of opportunity for walks along the beach on a sunny day. Dolphin watching is a popular activity accessible from Gibraltar's marinas together with diving and sailing activities.