PR expert Amanda Moss specialises in helping growing small businesses and encourages entrepreneurs to run a PR campaign during an unstable economic period , saying it is precisely what is required if they want their business to thrive. 

Amanda, who has 30 years’ experience in the media, says, "At a time when the cost-of-living crisis is putting a squeeze on budgets, businesses that continue to spend on advertising and PR will see their business remain stable.

Running a PR campaign in a recession shows your customers that you’re not going anywhere, it reassures your customers that you’re here to stay and it boosts staff morale within your company as they know they’re part of a robust company.

“And higher staff morale boosts greater productivity which in turn creates profit. And once the economy picks up people are going to remember the businesses that remained in the forefront of people’s minds during those hard times."

Amanda publishes Lifestyle magazine in Liverpool and Cyprus, where she moved to during the pandemic, says,” It may be tempting to slash your marketing spend now but studies have proven that those who do will see their profits decline when the market picks up. And they’re some really good advertising deals around with many media outlets such as local radio, newspapers and magazines and billboard to ensure you stay memorable”

Having recently held the successful Liverpool Lifestyle Awards and Liverpool Fashion Week, Amanda knows only too well the importance of showcasing in such high-profile events regardless of the downturn of the economy. This is a crucial example of leading the market share against your competitors.

“If businesses don’t want to spend too much money but still want to get their message out to the world, then taking part in an event such as mine will also help keep them in the spotlight. These events are designed to help businesses network, which is crucial in these unstable times.

“Showing up creates valuable opportunities to establish new contacts and potentially new sales. And at a time when  people are spending less and are more cost conscious, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors and may clinch a deal.”

As the saying goes: “When times are good, you should advertise; when times are bad, you must advertise.”

AmandamossPR’s next events in 2023 are:

- 19-22 JanuaryA healthy lifestyle retreat in Lancashire combining fitness and motivation
- 1 April The Positive Awards
- 19- 22 April Fitness bootcamp in Cyprus
- 16 October Liverpool  Fashion Week
- 21 October Liverpool Lifestyle Awards
- 16 November Los Angeles Lifestyle Fashion Showcase

Amanda’s top tips for advertising in the current climate:

1. Focus on customer experience; get testimonials from clients and post on google business to boost your ranking in search engines
2. Improve your conversion rates with automatic emails.
3. Be consistent, it creates trust in your brand with your clients
4. Use social media to engage with customers and post everyday
5. Use content marketing to attract customers
6. Enter awards. These are often free and are a great way of getting pr and through the company running the event. It’s also a great staff night out and boosts confidence amongst staff, they feel appreciates and will therefore increase their productivity
7. Show value in what you’re offering. For a customer, the benefit of the product has to outweigh the cost