Residents are being encouraged to ‘lift someone out of loneliness’ during Loneliness Awareness Week which runs from Monday 12 to Friday 17 June.

Loneliness Awareness week is a national campaign run by the Marmalade Trust dedicated to raising awareness of loneliness and reducing the stigma that surrounds it. Sometimes admitting we feel lonely can be hard but it’s important to remember that you really are not alone; many others experience feelings of loneliness too, and that this feeling can pass.

Loneliness is a natural human emotion that we can all experience at some time in our lives when we feel alone or disconnected from others. Connection with others matters; we all need some social connection in our lives such as relationships between friends, families, work colleagues and communities. 

It’s all about creating supportive communities by having conversations with family, friends or colleagues about loneliness. Loneliness can have a huge impact on an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing, but there are lots of simple actions people can take to help lift themselves, or others, out of loneliness.

These include:

  • talking to friends and family; send a text or give them a call to see how they are doing, or perhaps suggest catching up over a coffee
  • joining a group with a shared interest to make connections
  • doing more things you enjoy can stop you from focusing on feelings of loneliness
  • reaching out to others you know who might be feeling lonely and try to connect with them.

Councillor Jasbir Jaspal, the City of Wolverhampton Council’s Cabinet Member for Adults and Wellbeing, said: “As we go through life and things change, we may all experience being lonely or feeling isolated. 

“Common reasons for experiencing loneliness include being in an unfamiliar situation such as a new workplace or neighbourhood or feeling disconnected from others and feeling that you have nothing in common with them.

“It is important that we can talk about feeling lonely and think of how we can overcome this. By taking one of the actions listed above, you could lift someone out of loneliness, and it might help you feel less lonely too."

Help and support is also available locally from: Let’s Talk Service (Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust), available for anyone experiencing loneliness or wanting to take part in activities to meet new people.