It was only natural, therefore, for the bar to immortalise Jürgen Klopp as he entered his final weeks as manager of Liverpool Football Club.

Kurt Wilson, manager of The Spanish Caravan explained: “We wanted to do something to celebrate Klopp's success and how much joy he has brought to us and our customers. Just by chance the management from ERDINGER Weissbräu walked into our bar whilst we were there, and over a pint of Weissbier we told them about the idea to get Klopp on the gable.

“They thought it was a great idea and, as he is their ambassador, were able to ask Jürgen if he was happy for us to go ahead.” The mural was painted by Liverpool street artist, John Culshaw, and was finished just after the Easter weekend.

“The response has already been overwhelming,” added Kurt, “and there have been millions of views of the artwork on social media. There’re constantly people outside talking photos and we've had people coming from as far afield as Spain, China and the USA to take a picture and come into the bar for a pint, which is amazing.” 

The artwork features Klopp in characteristic pose, wearing his baseball cap, his arms folded and brought to life by his unmistakeable beaming smile. To his right is a mouth-watering glass of ERDINGER Weissbier. 

“We have a particular love of Klopp,” continued Kurt, “and feel a close connection with him. During Covid lockdowns when The Spanish Caravan couldn't open, we were delivering beers across Liverpool and received an order from Jürgen.

“So now it feels like it has come full circle again and we hope the mural is a sign of more reasons to smile in the last few weeks of the Premier League season.”