Member of European Parliament, Neena Gill, recently met with Barclays bank in the West Midlands to discuss support for small and medium sized businesses and online protection for customers. Ms Gill, the Labour member for the West Midlands, spoke after the event saying: “As one of Britain’s biggest lenders Barclays  play a fundamental role in supporting entrepreneurs to set up small businesses and drive the West Midlands’ economy.

I found it really informative to learn, first hand, what Barclays are doing to work with SMEs across the West Midlands and help them grow.”

This year the European Union is making it easier for SMEs to get capital. The creation of a capital markets union is a big opportunity for businesses in Europe. The UK, as Europe’s leading financial services centre, has a major contribution to make and should be actively shaping the rules for the capital markets union.

This is a good example of the practical benefits that membership of the single market can bring. But to make the most of it, and to help influence the rules which will set the terms of engagement for years to come, the UK needs to be shaping the system — not looking on while others set the rules.”

Ray O’Donoghue, Managing Director at Barclays in the Midlands said: “SMEs are the life-blood of our economy. We were delighted to share with Neena, details of various initiatives we have recently introduced for our clients, from our partnership with the UKTI to Barclays Collect – a cash pick-up service for businesses.”