A new interactive online tool aimed at helping landlords and tenants to more easily remember and meet their responsibilities has been launched. Property specialist Leaders has unveiled its clickable house design, which features a traditional home backdrop with more than 20 points of interest marked in different rooms and areas of the property.

It allows users to click on anything from the kitchen to the roof to find out what they are expected to do in order to meet the latest industry regulations. A number of tips are also included on how to deal with household items such as electrical goods, appliances and furniture.

In addition to advice and information on various aspects of letting and renting a property, the interactive tool includes important details on electrical and gas safety checks that must be carried out at every tenanted property.

Carole Charge, technical and compliance director at Leaders, says: “Tenants can rightly expect their home to be safe, secure and compliant with all regulations, while landlords are entitled to demand their property is maintained and cared for during the length of a tenancy.

“In order for both parties to be satisfied, it is vital for each to know, accept and act upon their many responsibilities.

“That is why we have created our innovative and interactive checklist, a quick, enjoyable way for landlords and tenants to learn more about their duties. We would like as many people as possible to use the feature to find out all they need to know about everything from stairways to fire hazards, ventilation and roof inspections.”

Every room in the house has at least two clickable points of interest, giving some idea of the number of factors landlords and tenants must consider if they are to meet their legal and contractual obligations.

And it is not only rooms within a home that come with a range of duties, as the checklist includes information on areas such as gardens, garages and sheds, all of which must be managed in accordance with industry guidelines by landlords and tenants.

“We already work with our landlords to ensure every property meets the relevant legal requirements, but with legislation changing all the time and every property presenting unique challenges, we hope the checklist can help people to be aware of and identify potential hazards before they occur,” Carole explains.

To see how you fare against the checklist please visit leaders.co.uk/pages/landlord-checklist or for advice you can trust on all aspects of renting or letting please visit leaders.co.uk.