Normative, the world's leading enterprise carbon platform, have announced its attendance and participation atCOP28, the annual United Nations Climate Conference, to champion global climate action.

At COP28 the urgent need for businesses to shift from just complying with mandatory reporting legislation, to actively focusing on reducing emissions will be highlighted. To make real reductions, organisations must collaborate to share high-quality carbon data and learnings. Introducing new solutions making this possible is key to decarbonization.

Normative leadership participates at COP28 as knowledge and scientific partners to policy makers and sustainability leaders. As part of the officialSwedish Business Delegation, Normative supports the Swedish government's climate targets by providing actionable carbon insights to enterprises.

Kristian Rönn, CEO and co-founder of Normative, and recognised leader in carbon accounting and climate change mitigation, will be at the forefront of championing climate action by sharing best practices that makes carbon visible for all. At COP28, Rönn wil be a catalyst for enterprise business leaders to successfully reach their climate targets.

Kristian (pic) says: "Collaboration - sharing data, insights and learnings - is the best path to decarbonization.

“No business can tackle this challenge alone. This is why we have launched the Carbon Network, to make carbon visible for everyone by enabling businesses to exchange primary data from suppliers across value chains. COP gives us the chance to kick-start this change."

Here are some of the sessions Normative will participate in between 1st – 5th December:

  • World Climate Action Summit, Inauguration: Inauguration of the Swedish Business Pavilion, involving high-level climate discussions on scientific targets.
  • World Climate Action Summit: The future of reducing Scope 3 emissions.
  • Finance, ImpactTech & Trade: Value chain emissions in the finance industry – recommendations and pathways.