Following Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s General Election announcement, please find comments from Lily Megson, Policy Director at My Pension Expert reacting to the news.

Lily Megson, Policy Director at My Pension Expert said: "The race begins. The Prime Minister’s rainy day general election announcement is a pivotal moment for savers. As parties begin finalising their manifestos, it is crucial they understand the need for clear and robust policies that address the pressing issues facing households brought on by the cost-of-living crisis.
“In his speech, Rishi Sunak stated that whoever takes on the coming period of economic stability will need ‘a clear plan and bold action’. As households struggle to keep up with soaring prices, it's unclear what economic stability he was referring to.

“However, when it comes to pensions policy, he is certainly right about the need for a clear plan and bold action. I urge all parties to now put forward comprehensive and transparent policies that will help us move beyond the economic instability of recent years.

“These policies should safeguard the financial futures of the UK’s retirement planners while putting improvements to financial education and literacy and access to financial advice at the forefront.”