HS2, the new high-speed railway in Great Britain that will operate British-built bullet trains, offers carbon-neutral travel between Birmingham and London.

The service will extend to Manchester, the North West, and Scotland via the conventional railway network, reducing travel times. Of course, with such an expansive project, the UK has taken on thousands of workers.

And, some Punjabi workers were seen enjoying their shift on the HS2 project, bringing the Bhangra vibes to a frosty day. A video taken of the group shows them laughing, dancing, and singing as the track blares out. 

Funnily enough, towards the end of the one-minute clip, the song suddenly changes to a pop track and the men suddenly stop in disappointment. But, their dancing feet were a sight to behold and brought some light-hearted fun to an otherwise gruelling project. 

HS2 aims to enhance connectivity between major economic hubs, promote urban revitalisation, and stimulate the economy by generating jobs, housing opportunities, and overall economic growth. It is a significant infrastructure project, twice the length of Crossrail and the first intercity railway built north of London in over a century.

With construction well underway, the initiative supports 30,000 jobs and involves over 3200 UK-based businesses. The completed HS2 will feature 140 miles of track, four modern stations, two depots, 32 miles of tunnel, and 130 bridges.

It will leave a lasting legacy of environmentally responsible travel, economic development, and technological advancement. The initial HS2 services will run between Birmingham Curzon Street and Old Oak Common in London from 2029 to 2033.

However, Rishi Sunak’s government has come under recent fire after the planned £235 million investment into ‘Network North’, as part of HS2, was reallocated to fixing London’s potholes. One of the affected cities was Liverpool.

The city’s Mayor, Steve Rotherham, was frustrated by the news and said the announcement on social media totalled to: “Gerrymandering that would even make the Republican party blush.” He went on to say: “It’s more smoke and mirrors from the government.

“A PR stunt from a photo-op prime minister who is more interested in shiny graphics for social media than tackling the issues facing real people.” Given the scrutiny and issues the HS2 project has recently come under, there could be more Punjabi workers grooving to Bhangra to make the days easier.