A review of the state of the nation’s workplaces reveals people who have a disability are the unhappiest at work, citing difficulties with management and wellbeing. 

People who live with a disability are 12% more likely to be a Flight Risk than those who are not disabled. 

Those registered as disabled also have a lower happiness score of 67%, compared to people who are not disabled scoring 71%.

Across all six steps, employees who are registered disabled scored lower than those not disabled and in terms of Wellbeing, those who are disabled have a risk of 39%.  

Data from WorkL’s report, ‘How being locked down unlocked the new working world’, however show a number of positives with men and women equally happy in their jobs and the happiest industry being Tech.

It’s not surprising though to see Hospitality and Retail score poorly, being some of the unhappiest industries as a result of a year of restrictions placed upon the sectors. 

Findings from the report include:

Of the Six Steps to Workplace Happiness, the lowest score in 2021 was for Well-being

People who are disabled are 12% more likely to be a Flight Risk than those who are not disabled.

To reduce the flight risk, the area which needs most focus is improved management.

When asked what top three areas of change employees are looking for, 12% of people cited management. Looking at Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, WorkL’s data show people identifying as LGBTQ+ have a low Wellbeing risk score of 38%.

In terms of sector, the industry with the best attitude and initiatives in place for promoting diversity and inclusion is Education and Research. The Founder of WorkL is the former Trade Minister and ex Managing Director of Waitrose, Lord Mark Price, who comments; “Our Annual Report delves into our data taken from over 250,000 individuals globally and analyses what is making people happy at work and identifies the ‘flight risk’ of those unhappy in their jobs. 

“There’s a stark difference in happiness between people who are registered as disabled and those who are not. With scores low across all Six Steps, businesses must ask themselves what more they could be doing to help those who are disabled.

“This year’s findings also show a big difference in the happiness of managers compared to non-managers. Management is central to reducing Flight Risk and here at WorkL we urge employers to improve how they manage, with more open communication, improved information sharing, respect and trust.”

The WorkL Annual Report will be published on the 26th October 2021 which will be followed by the WorkL Annual Summit on the same day and will include guest speaker Richard Walker, Managing Director of Iceland Food Group delivering WorkL’s Annual Lecture. The key note speech will be focused on the state of retail, including employee engagement within the sector.