Bilston Craft Gallery is to showcase a range of motorcycles made in Wolverhampton. The exhibition ‘Motorbikes: Made & Remembered’ will run at the Mount Pleasant gallery from Saturday, July 30 to Sunday, September 18. Through the latter part of the 19th Century and early 20th Century Wolverhampton and Bilston had a dozen companies producing iconic motorbikes. Famous motorbike manufacturers such as Sunbeam, AJS, Wolf and Norton produced machines that were sold across the world - their brand name synonymous with quality, safety and speed!

Hundreds of people were employed in their making and the companies were soon winning major prizes at the Isle of Man TT races and at Grand Prix across Europe and the world, with riders achieving hero status. Motorbikes: Made & Remembered has selected six companies to focus on, with motorcycles dating from 1913 to 1972.The exhibition curator, Stuart Williams, said: “It is a unique opportunity for people to see a range of motorcycles, some of which are still in their ‘as found’ condition and some that have been lovingly restored.”

Paul Hutton of the Marston Wolverhampton Heritage Trust, added: “The motorcycles on display at Bilston Craft Gallery are a beaming joy to the area. “They are an iconic piece of Wolverhampton’s heritage and we are proud to be a part of this exhibition.” The exhibition has been made possible by the generous patronage of local enthusiasts, owners and the Marston Wolverhampton Heritage Trust.

Visitors can see the exhibition during gallery opening times, Tuesday & Thursday (10am - 4pm), Wednesday (10am - 7pm), Friday (10am – 1pm), Saturday (11am - 4pm). The gallery will open from Sundays before the end of this exhibition but exact dates and times have yet to be confirmed.