Located in the heart of the South Pacific between New Zealand and Hawaii, Samoa is the first country on earth to see the rising sun. With an average temperature of 27 degrees, turquoise blue waters, coral reefs, palms, lush rainforests, fertile grounds as well as beaches straight out of a picture book, Samoa is a discoverers paradise which seduces visitors to a longtime stay.  For example, the author of “Treasure Island” could not wait for the next streamer to arrive but ended up staying for the rest of his life and is buried there, too. Today, Robert Louis Stevenson's villa is open for visitors who are interest in the writer's life and work.

The rugged mountains present hikers with several surprises; one being the “Papaseea Sliding Rocks” – natural water slides, 15 meters high, completely harmless and so much fun for young and old. 

The rainforests are also worth exploring and in the rainforest reserve on Tuasivi, explorers can witness daily active flying foxes – purely vegetarian bats with over one meter wingspan – from the edge of a lushly overgrown, small crater.  The most impressive spot to observe the vast expanse of the rainforest on Savaii is a treetop canopy walkway built about 40 metres above the ground amidst the many arms of giant Banyan trees.

Besides unbelievably idyllic beaches, the “Taga Blowholes” are another must-see at the seashore. When sea water is pushed through the cavernous lavas stone, fountains as high as 60 meters can be witnessed. Lava formations made by nature are impressive, even without water fountains shooting into the skies. Of course, divers will find more than enough possibilities to explore Samoa underwater. Reef breaks around the islands are guaranteed to offer fun and exhilarating surfing.