For a delicious - but non-chocolate - foodie gift this Easter, try Newby's Gourmet Collection caddies of some of the rarest, most in-demand fine teas.  

Prime Darjeeling, Majestic Himalaya, Rare Assam, Special Formosa and Supreme Jasmine are beautifully packaged in luxuriously textured jewel-bright caddies, and make a sophisticated gift for the discerning tea lover. The hand-picked three black and two green teas are as memorable and distinguished as their diverse origins. Sourced at high altitude in the Himalayan mountains are Prime Darjeeling and Majestic Himalaya, both silken and symphonic black teas; whilst the lowlands of Northeast India and the second flush harvest give Rare Assam, a superbly smooth black tea unlike any other.      

From further east, the Gourmet Collection offers two exceptional green teas from China and the island of Formosa, now known as Taiwan. Special Formosa is characterised by delicately spiralled, dark jade-coloured leaves, while Supreme Jasmine unites the finest jasmine blossoms with spring-harvested tea leaves into an exquisitely floral cup.