This holiday season, Groupon is on a mission to sprinkle instant magic into your last-minute gifting!

Stuck with the daunting task of finding the perfect gift for that tricky family member? Bid farewell to mundane presents and elevate your gifting game with Groupon's latest updates. It's not just about gifts; it's about crafting experiences designed to turn your holiday into an extraordinary celebration.

Unleash the Groupon experience, where the possibilities are endless and the clock is ticking. From serene spa days to heart-pounding skydives, explore and gift it all up until the very last moment, banishing the need for frantic motorway shopping as you rush home for Christmas.

Exciting new features for last-minute rescues:

  • Personalized Gift Vouchers:Add your unique touch with a variety of design options, easily shareable in a pinch.
  • Flexible Gift Cards:Offer your loved ones a diverse range of experiences, perfect for those who appreciate the gift of choice.
  • Hassle-Free Management:Easily adapt your gift choices with convenient exchange and return options.
  • Dedicated Gift Page:Elevate your gifting game with a dedicated page for swift and stress-free navigation.
  • Gift Filters on the Browse Page:Streamline your search with integrated filters for a curated selection tailored to your loved ones' tastes.

Explore Groupon’s, flexible gift cards, and Personalized Gift Vouchers on the site now. Join Groupon in banishing boring gifts and embrace a new era of exciting and memorable experiences. Tired of receiving lacklustre, ill-fitting, or downright awkward gifts?

Take matters into your own hands and guide your loved ones to the Groupon site and app, where fresh ideas abound for what you truly desire this Christmas! And forget about the old "it never arrived due to the awful Christmas post" excuse! Groupon is your holiday hero, offering a seamless and customizable gifting experience. From a relaxing spa day to a thrilling skydive, it's all just one click away.

Marie Havličková, VP of Strategy at Groupon, shares: “As the holiday countdown intensifies, we've witnessed a spectacular surge in gifting sales during the final days – a trend that held strong in both 2021 and 2022. Our recent updates strategically position Groupon to seamlessly meet this growing demand*. To all the last-minute gifters out there, recognizing this surge and trend, it's time to break away from the ordinary! Shelve the socks, ditch the deodorant, and banish the books.

“Opt for something extraordinary this year – explore our New Gifting Page, Flexible Gift Cards, and Personalized Vouchers for a truly memorable gifting experience. Groupon is committed to providing unparalleled convenience and choice this holiday season, ensuring your last-minute gifting journey is both seamless and extraordinary.” Embrace the joy of last-minute gifting with Groupon, where the extraordinary is within reach.