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Gaming revenues are expected to almost double by 2027 from 2021 in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, reaching USD 6 billion, according to DMCC's latest Future of Trade 2023 report titled 'Gaming in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA): Geared for growth'. A young and digital-savvy population, high levels of digital connectivity, and government support are driving the region's emergence as a consumer and creator hub. 

Gaming and esports are both fast growing consumer segments, benefiting from rapid advancements in technology as well as broader and more inclusive audiences.

Research has revealed DanTDM is the richest content creator channel on YouTube, from the UK. 

The study by online casino review site analysed the subscription volume of every European country’s top content creator on YouTube and their estimated earnings by channel to arrive at the most popular from each country. The UK's most subscribed YouTube content creator is DanTDM (Daniel Robert Middleton), with 26.8 million subscribers.

Luxury styling mobile game Drest is delighted to partner with Bakeup, the digital-first beauty brand founded by British celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker and LA-based musician Grace Gaustad. Drest will introduce seven of Bakeup’s most playful looks into its Beauty Mode gameplay, which enables hyper-real, close-up beauty play and experimentation, giving players the opportunity to use expertly created digital makeup on their avatars.

A new study identifying the quickest-to-complete video games has crowned Dear Esther the top choice.

CSGOLuck analysed more than 50 video games renowned for their short play time, and used data from HowLongToBeat to find the fifteen shortest video game campaigns that can be completed in a single evening. These games are ideal for busy individuals seeking some post-work downtime or for those who simply can’t wait to see how a game will end.

As the world of artificial intelligence continues to grow and expand, Online.Casino has tapped into its possibilities of reimagining video game protagonists as villains. Using MidJourney, an artificial intelligence program, Online.Casino transformed beloved video game heroes into their dark and sinister counterparts, showcasing the limitless possibilities of technology and AI-assisted creativity.