Tanzania's Zanzibar President Hussein Ali Mwinyi has said that his government is taking steps to boost tourism in Zanzibar.

Addressing the opening ceremony of the second edition of the Z-Summit, Zanzibar Tourism and Opportunities 2024, Mwinyi said this is an event that acts as a vital hub where tourism industry leaders connect with domestic, East African, and global travel influencers and entrepreneurs. He noted: "The government of Zanzibar remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing the infrastructure and regulatory frameworks that underpin our tourism industry."

He said initiatives to enhance transportation networks, improve energy efficiency, and preserve cultural and environmental assets are integral to Zanzibar's long-term vision for sustainable tourism development. "We are further actively investing in developing new roads, improving electricity supply, advancing waste management initiatives, and undertaking the ambitious project of constructing a new airport in Pemba," he said.

Mwinyi said these efforts are aimed at improving accessibility, connectivity, and the overall experience across Zanzibar, adding that efforts are underway to protect heritage sites.