A new IT support firm Techscend has launched, providing affordable services to firms which are spending wasted hours per month on DIY IT.

Founder Thomas Siron commented: “So many people who work for themselves and who start a small business just don’t have the basic IT fundamentals in place.

“If there’s a problem, they can spend hours trying to fix it, wasting valuable time which could be spent on their business. As the world embraces a culture of working from home, IT support has not caught up, and the options out there tend to charge prices that small business just can’t afford.”

Thomas (pic) has launched affordable IT support services that meet the core needs of young businesses. He says, “Techscend is designed to transform businesses through the power of technology, offering a new way of helping small businesses to grow to their full potential, providing IT support with a difference.

“We have designed our service to take care of the tech at affordable costs, so our clients can focus on what they do best.” Thomas has years of experience in IT support across multiple sectors, from financial and legal services to energy and MSPs.

He created Techscend to help startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow by elevating their technology profiles. Techscend launches with a focus on the most basic service that businesses need, a Desktop Managed Service, keeping systems running and managing updates, with unlimited support and pro-active repair, all tailored to individual customer needs.

Thomas added: “Young firms rely on IT but often attempt to sort their own IT fixes to save on costs, potentially damaging their systems.

“We’re here to help businesses thrive, to ascend to their full potential. We take the headache out of IT across everything from website development and email management to cutting-edge telephone solutions, smart home solutions and even Wi-Fi setup.”

Delivering reliable and efficient solutions is at the core of Techscend’s mission, driving success and empowering business owners through the ever-evolving world of IT.  And it’s a solution that’s been well received by those in need of support. 

Thomas is already attracting small business clients across a range of sectors. Thomas added: “The world is changing, and so is IT support.

“Techscend is designed for startups and small business everywhere, giving them the best start on their journey and offering support every step of the way, at a cost that won’t break the bank.”