British Entrepreneur, Lazar Vukovic has released a statement in regards to his work with the Serbian royal family, and what the royals mean to us all - no matter where we are from.

Lazar comments: "Working with the royal family of Serbian really opened my eyes to how much the royals actually help their nation first hand. Seeing the people of the nation being the heart and drive of Their Royal Highnesses work is very emotional to witness. From healthcare to education, the work of the royals for a better nation is something so selfless that in today's world is very rare to see.

"We need to appreciate our royal family more than ever, and their duties for not only the economy but the people of the nation."

Lazar has just released his debut book 'Make It Happen!' in which he talks about his childhood as a Serbian immigrant, how he began working with the Serbian royal family and of course, how to make it happen in today's crazy world.