The Gambia Experience have just announced its collaboration with the UK charity ‘Sunshine with Smiles’ in delivering essential components for a state-of-the-art mammogram machine set to be installed at Banjul Hospital in The Gambia.

Once operational, it will significantly enhance healthcare services for Gambian women in the fight against breast cancer. This initiative was spurred by a recent visit from Mr Steven Bick, a dedicated representative of ‘Sunshine with Smiles,’ while on a holiday arranged through The Gambia Experience.

Having identified the need for specialist parts to complete the installation of the mammogram machine, he approached The Gambia Experience to facilitate the transport of vital components received from the USA on to The Gambia via the tour operator's Gatwick charter flight. Delivered to Banjul on Friday, April 5th, The Gambia's British High Commissioner, Harriet King, is overseeing the components swift delivery to Banjul Hospital. Expressing her gratitude, she remarked: “This will make a huge difference to women in The Gambia.

“We are thrilled to receive the shipment, thanks to the work of 'Sunshine with Smiles,' and to The Gambia Experience for its continued support." Ms King went on to highlight the importance of the advanced mammogram machine's installation in offering a premier facility for breast cancer detection and diagnosis, thereby providing crucial support to Gambian women in their health journey.