Icelanders are happy to spend quite a lot of money on fireworks for this one special night. The reason in simple. Selling fireworks is the main income for all the volunteer rescue teams around the country and Icelanders want to show active support for them. The result is spectacular. Last year 500 tons of fireworks were imported to Iceland for which amounts to about 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs) of fireworks for each man, woman and child in Iceland. 

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On New Year's Eve Iceland literally lights up! Towns and villages throughout the country glow with community bonfires of all sizes, as families gather round to sing and light sparklers. Just before midnight, something magical happens. Millions of fireworks light up the sky and the entire country glimmers as sparks ascend to the heavens to welcome in the New Year. It has been said that these fireworks and bonfires can be seen from outer space!

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Visitors planning to arrive a day or two early - or staying a while after the big party - may take advantage of some of Iceland's most spectacular sites, including Nature's own light show, the Aurora Borealis. The "Northern Lights" are never more beautiful than those experiences in Iceland's pollution-free environment, away from the glare of the city lights, dancing above the majesty of glacial waterfalls and volcanic cliffs.