Renowned for its commitment to responsible tourism and community engagement, Khao Lak's boutique residence The Sarojin, is delighted to announce the addition of visits to local autistic social enterprise Avautis as part of its 'Sarojin Cares' volunteering programme.

This follows a recent $4,000 plus donation directed towards building a new classroom facility, which was completed and inaugurated in November. Avautis is a social enterprise project developed by The Parent Club of Phang Nga Autistic Persons whose aim is to provide sustainable employment, education and financial support for autistic adults and children.

They do this by providing the skills and resources required to operate an organic farm and also to produce and distribute FDA-approved skin care products. These include Avautis Serum, Avautis Facial Cream and Avautis Hands and Nails Cream produced with natural herbs sourced in the area, such as turmeric from Thap Put District in the Phang Nga Province.

Promoting inclusivity and empowerment of the local community are values that align seamlessly with The Sarojin and therefore this is a cause the resort aims to support in the long run. Including visits to the facilities under the 'Sarojin Cares' umbrella will allow staff and guests who wish to take part, to assist in whatever way might be needed.

This could include helping to clean the facilities, assisting with the production of skincare products, farm maintenance, planning games and activities with the children, etc. All guests staying at The Sarojin receive a complimentary invitation to take part in the 'Sarojin Cares Days' which are monthly team outings to do volunteer work in the community.

The resort offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in hands-on activities, get involved with the local community and care for the local environment whilst enjoying a luxurious escape. To date excursions have included cleaning nearby towns, coastlines and waterfalls, longtail boat and bridge restorations, orphanage visits, joining a local facility for disabled children for arts, crafts, games, singing and dancing and tree planting and mangrove restoration as part of the 'One Booking One Tree' scheme.