This Valentine's, meet MOTH.

New for 2023, MOTH's Valentine's bundle is perfect for every and any Valentine's celebration. Wrapped in romantic hues of pink, each Valentine's bundle is filled with six ready-to-serve cocktails - Margarita, Espresso Martini, Piña Colada and French 75 - plus a pack of MOTH playing cards so you can start a love game.

Or play each other the nice way. The bundle can even be personalised with an old-fashioned love note, if you're looking to impress.

Call us polyamorous because MOTH wants to meet everyone: the classic cliché lovers and the cringed-out deniers. The mate dates and the self-romancers. However, you Valentine's, meet MOTH. 

Gift them. Share them. Throw an anti-Valentine's party with them. Ice, slice and sip them:

Margarita (125ml) 14.9% ABV - Fresh, sharp, salty and full of zing, we think you'll like it. Loves takeout night. Or the party where everyone's invited. With smooth, award-winning Tequila Enemigo. Classic triple sec. And a refreshing sting of lime – salud! Shows off in a chilled martini glass with a chilli salted rim. 

Espresso Martini (125ml) 14.9% ABV - Count on this to open your eyes. Smooth, bitter, balanced. With Wood Brothers vodka and chocolatey rich cold brew. Shake it, pour it and finish with a gentle squeeze of the can for a layer of creamy foam. Goes with sweet things, like a lover. Shows off with a coupe icy enough to write your name on and coffee bean garnish. 

Piña Colada (200ml) 10% ABV - Smooth pineapple and silky coconut as light as air. With our bespoke Duppy Share rum of unparalleled Caribbean warmth. Think pink skies in Puerto Rico. Get cheeky with a cherry on top. And sing that song from 1979 – if you like? Shows off with a highball and ice.

French 75 (200ml) 10% ABV - This one loves a soirée. Zesty, dancy and a little bit fancy. Wears a sequin beret. Pairs with a platter. Can keep a secret. Made with Tarquin's Cornish Gin. 

Every MOTH serve is presented in a fully recyclable can and created with award-winning spirits. Every ingredient is the best of the best, every sip is delicious, and the cocktails can be enjoyed anywhere.

All you have to do is have the ice on standby, take a can from the fridge and serve. No faff and no mixing required: just the best blends and good friends. MOTH's Valentine's bundle is available at