For the fifth year now since 2011, the famous Marie-Antoinette restaurant, one of the top Creole restaurants in Seychelles, has scooped another Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, a feat which can only be achieved by a dedicated team. Located not far from the Victoria capital, the Marie-Antoinette restaurant is renowned for its unique authentic local cuisine and traditional architecture.

The proud team at Marie-Antoinette restaurant has left footprints on the hearts of their clients. The warm welcome, the good service, and the delicious meals that they prepare have all contributed to engrave lasting memories in the minds of these visitors. Business cards, notes, and other souvenirs left by those who have been to Marie-Antoinette, are now part of the interior decor of the restaurant.

Guyto Mondon and Roy Fonseka, the proud owners and managers of this restaurant, have expressed their heartfelt thanks to their clients for giving positive feedback on Marie-Antoinette. They have also echoed words of thanks to their dedicated team who have also contributed greatly in this feat.  Mr. Fonseka is the son of the late Kathleen Fonseka, who opened the restaurant a few decades ago and who was well-respected in the society. Mrs. Fonseka was one of the past key players of the country’s tourism industry.

Miss Mondon said a number of factors have contributed to the success of the restaurant, such as the high standard that they go all out to maintain. “Our aim is to keep the standard in the restaurant at all levels ̶ from the setting, the atmosphere, the welcome we give, the menu, and the service we offer. “We make sure that we always have fresh products to use and serve, and that we have what we display on our menu,” she said.

“The restaurant also caters for the needs of its clients and we are very flexible,” said Miss Mondon.  One of the employees there, Sabrina Emmanuel, who has been working at the restaurant for around 15 years, said she is very proud and happy to be proud of the team at Marie-Antoinette.  She added that the whole team is happy to have attained such a prestigious award for the fifth consecutive year.