His 20 years of experience working with elderly people who have dementia has prompted author Trevor Mumby to come up with a helpful guide to “Conducting Well-Being With Dementia In The Family”. This easy-to-understand, timely and essential narrative seeks to aid caregivers and family members in having the right attitude when caring for a patient or family member suffering from dementia.

Mumby believes that old age is an age-old problem itself without dementia confusing the picture. In his recently released book, he sets out coping strategies to help families and other care providers understand and deal with ‘dementia world.’ Dementia world is very different to the common sense one, but the two can live together and Trevor explains how. Once readers have understood the differences, coping becomes easier and they can approach this new world with calmness and confidence.

“It puts the emphasis on simplifying, understanding and acting differently towards the elderly who need our care,” Mumby says.

“Conducting Well-Being With Dementia In The Family” helps members of the family and caregivers alike have a completely fresh and invigorating approach to mannerisms and interactions toward a person with dementia.