Translation and international marketing agency ALM celebrates its 20th anniversary this month having recently achieved inclusion in the Slator Language Service Provider Index, a respected registry of the world’s largest translation, localization, interpreting, and language technology companies. 

Co-director Rachel Coleman has said: “From setting up ALM Translations (formerly Asset Language Management) in 2002 in a converted garage, Lisa and I have grown our business year-on-year thanks to our very different skillsets.


“The company survived the 2008 economic crisis, endured Brexit and got through a global pandemic. We are also deeply saddened about the current crisis in Ukraine and our milestone celebration will be a quiet one this year.

“We couldn’t have achieved what we have without the support of our teams, staff past and present, our clients, business consultants, linguists and close family. Lisa and I have (mostly) enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that is being in business and would like to encourage others who are thinking of starting up a business to just go for it.”

Co-director Lisa Williams has added: “We are blown away by the dedication of our team and the hard work that has contributed to our 20-year history.

“People past and present and close family members have supported our endeavours, not to forget our brilliant linguists and clients, some of whom we have worked with since we opened in 2002. Rachel and I are lucky enough to have worked together well for the last 20 years benefitting from each other’s skillsets which are very different but with a common goal: the success of ALM Translations”.