Uganda is a land gifted by nature. Winston Churchill called it 'The Pearl of Africa” which is perhaps an understatement considering its vast array of riches. There's something about this country that overwhelms your sense of discovery. A nation of huge diversity, it's home to the endangered mountain gorilla and a paradise for primates. It is 10 National parks play host to Africa's big 7, Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo plus Gorilla and Chimpanzee.

It's Equatorial climate provides year round temperatures of around 27 degrees celsius yet its mountains are snow capped. It is the source of the world's longest river, the Nile, which starts its journey at the world's second largest lake, Victoria, that is dotted with tropical islands where you can relax on white sandy beaches.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park:
This lush rain forest on the edge of the Rift Valley is most famous for those ticking off their bucket list visiting it's 340 Mountain Gorillas, half of the world's population. It is also a sanctuary for chimpanzees, over 320 birds species and Colobus monkeys.

Kibale National Park:
This forest has one of the highest concentrations of primates in Africa. It's highlight being outstanding Chimpanzee trekking and habituation experiences that provide spectacular sightings. There are almost 1500 chimpanzees resident in the forest.

Kidepo Valley National Park:
Little visited and unexplored, Kidepo lies in the far northeast of Uganda with a huge biodiversity of flora and fauna, rugged mountain scenery and exceptional game viewing and superb bird watching.

Lake Mburo National Park:
Conveniently located between Kampala and the main tourist hotspots, Mburo is the smallest of Uganda's parks, but has the most prolific plains game all year round. It is where you can experience Uganda's premier horseback safaris.

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park: Mgahinga sits high in the clouds, in former volcanoes. As well as having Gorillas and golden monkeys, it is home to the indigenous Batwa people who will take you on a journey into their lives of living off the forest - fascinating!

Mount Elgon National Park: In the east towards Kenya, Mount Elgon's Sipi Falls are a series of stunning waterfalls that can be seen on a day hike up the slopes. The highlight here is seeing cave dwelling elephants that are drawn to the vast caverns by the nutritious salt deposits found deep underground.