Southside Business Improvement District (BID) has commemorated the hard work, support and investment of one of the city’s most prominent Chinese businessman and family at a prestigious plaque unveiling. The Wing Yip family, owners of the UK’s leading Oriental food grocer with stores of the same name, has unveiled a plaque located on the Chinese Pagoda on Holloway Circus. The unveiling follows years of investment in Southside by the Wing Yip family who gifted the Pagoda to Birmingham in 1998.

In February this year Southside saw the launch of The Pagoda Lighting project. Funded by Wing Yip, Southside BID and Birmingham City Centre Partnerships, the project sees Holloway Circus adorned with lights, marking the way into Southside. Set to be active for a minimum of 10 years, the Pagoda lights change colour depending on the areas festivities which include rainbow for Birmingham Gay Pride, Green for St. Patrick’s Day and red and yellow for Chinese New Year.

Julia Chance, Southside BID manager, said: “The Wing Yip family has been a tremendous supporter of Southside’s Chinatown and we’re delighted to be able to commemorate their contributions with the unveiling of the plaque. Without their support over the years Southside would not be what it is today.”

Mr Wing Yip, Chairman of Wing Yip, said: “The Chinese Pagoda was a gift to the city of Birmingham as a thank you for providing a home for our friends and family, and for the support shown to Wing Yip over the years.

“Birmingham China Town is, and will continue to be, at the heart of the city’s thriving Chinese community and we’d delighted to help and support it wherever we can.”