Dr Willard Wigan MBE, the world’s leading micro-sculptor, is to bring new UNBELIEVABLE work to Sutton Coldfield Town Hall this April in his first exhibition in the Royal Town.

His pieces of art, some smaller than a full stop in a newspaper, cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are presented in the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin and displayed under specially constructed microscopes.

‘Willard Wigan Through The Looking Glass’ will run from April 1-26 (not 7th) at the charity trust venue and is a joint project between the Town Hall and the Birmingham based artist. The micro-sculptor, who recently broke his own world record for the world's smallest sculpture  - a baby set inside a human hair - has just completed a new Alice in Wonderland sculpture for his Sutton Coldfield visit.

A pop up cafe will be available featuring art from the Sutton Coldfield Society of Artists, with activities available for school and youth groups.

There will be a launch evening on Monday April 1, featuring a meet and greet with the artist, canapés and welcome drink, plus tours of the Town Hall.

‘An Evening with Willard Wigan’, featuring a talk by the artist, Q&A and entry to the exhibition will take place on Thursday April 11.

Town Hall exhibition organiser Julie Rennison said “Willard has a huge affinity with Birmingham, having held his first exhibition in the city that has become his home, and having had such huge crowds at venues such as the Library of Birmingham.

Having visited the Town Hall, he was immediately captivated by its beauty and potential and was keen to work with us. We’re excited to be bringing new visitors, not just to the venue, but to Sutton Coldfield as an Easter holidays destination.

Our proximity to the train station and the park, plus all the dining opportunities between us and the cinema, means that Sutton can be a perfect Easter day out for all ages.”

Willard, who has a permanent exhibition at The Broadway Museum in the Cotswolds, will follow his Sutton Coldfield show with a tour of the USA around the Trinity Galleries chain.