As the Chinese New Year turns to the Year of the Rooster, new research from Wendy Wu Tours reveals that while 90 per cent of British holidaymakers have never been to the Great Wall of China, visiting a World Heritage Site or one of the new Modern Wonders of the World such as The Great Wall is at the top of a bucket list for 60 per cent.

Wendy Wu Tours anticipates growing interest in The Great Wall in the Year of the Rooster as 2017 not only sees the Great Wall's 30-year anniversary of its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, but the Hollywood/Chinese collaboration and epic action-adventure fantasy movie 'The Great Wall' will be released in February.

The Chief of Asia and the Pacific Unit at the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Mr Feng Jing, said: “There is no better time than now to see the Great Wall, especially since the UN has declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. The Great Wall is a perfect example of architecture integrated into the landscape and was one of the greatest defence systems on earth. As with many other wonders of the world, the Great Wall is vulnerable to erosion and climate conditions and is no longer a single unbroken structure. Some sections of the more than 20,000 km Great Wall have disappeared over time. The Chinese Government has placed the Wall under protection and it is subjected to national conservation regulations, but some sections are almost completely intact, others have been reduced to rubble.”

Laurence Hicks, Managing Director of Wendy Wu Tours said: “If you have the Great Wall on your bucket list, you should put those dreams into action. Seeing the Great Wall is a magnificent spectacle, and a life experience not to be missed. With Wendy Wu Tours, you'll have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall on the majority of our tours, plus on our new active Discovery Tours you'll access more remote sections bringing out your inner adventurer.”