A Birmingham based teenager has taken a step closer to his Olympic dream after winning big at the 2023 Gymnastics British Championships competition after competing at the Exhibition Centre, in Liverpool, where he became U18 All Around Silver medallist. In the individual apparatus finals, Zion Aserie became U18 Rings champion and also went on to win a bronze medal on the Floor and High Bar.

It’s something that 16-year-old Zion from Castle Vale feared might never happen. Just over 9 months ago Zion was diagnosed with an acute stress fracture to his lower spine. This meant that the artistic gymnast couldn’t train for over 3 months. This was a lot to take for the elite athlete who has been training at City of Birmingham gymnastics club at the GMAC in Perry Barr for nearly 10 years.

He said “I was devastated when my mum told me the results of my MRI scan. To think that it could have meant the end of my gymnastics career when all I’ve ever dreamed about is making it to the Olympics.” However, despite the major setback, Zion remained determined to get back into the gym.

It was unclear if he would be given the clearance by his physio to return back to gymnastics. But with the help and support of family and also his coach, ex GB gymnast and double commonwealth champion, Luke Folwell, Zion was able to return back to full training.

Zion trains alongside world class athletes including World Champion, World Cup Champion, European and also Commonwealth Champion, Joe Fraser. Despite being weeks away from his GCSE exams, Zion still manages to fit in 24 hours of training every week.

His mum, Irene is just as determined as Zion to ensure that he is able to get to training every day and make sure he remains focused on his goal. She said “I am so proud of what Zion has achieved so far.

“My job is to ensure that he is able to work towards his dream of becoming an Olympic gymnast. He has what it takes, never makes excuses and is now reaping the rewards of his hard work.

“His resilience and determination are inspiring.” Zion Aserie is determined to continue with his relentless gymnastics training alongside his revision in the hopes of achieving his dream to becoming an Olympian. He is also a regular cast member of CBBC show, Gymstars which is available to watch on BBC IPlayer.