Themed "Smart Green Future", the forum included a main session and two sub-forums, specifically addressing “Intelligent and Green Port Equipment” and “Offshore Engineering Equipment and Intelligent Manufacturing”.

During the main forum, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (ZPMC) focused on the theme of “Digitization”, comprehensively showcasing the digitization journey of the company in areas such as port machinery, intelligent manufacturing, turnkey automation terminal systems, and automation control technology. ZPMC unveiled 14 new products in port machinery and offshore engineering.

As a global leader in the port machinery sector, ZPMC has maintained a leading position in the global industry for 26 consecutive years, with its products serving 107 countries and regions. The latest port machinery products include the next-generation horizontal transport trolley IGV, Model S-ASC high-speed automated rail-mounted gantry crane, the self-balancing and lifting AB quay crane, an eco-friendly and low-carbon lightweight quay crane and bulk cargo handling automation systems.

The lineup also featured a novel U-shaped dock loading and unloading solution, the Portmanus terminal management system and an automated empty container yard. Additionally, ZPMC introduced the world's largest self-propelled jack-up wind turbine installation platform, Asia's first self-propelled offshore wind farm service operation vessel (SOV), floating wind turbine photovoltaic integration offshore engineering equipment, as well as the first set of wave compensation wharf in China and other core supporting components for offshore engineering.

In the “Building High Efficient, Green and Smart Terminals” high-level discussion segment of the main forum, executives from Guangzhou Port, Ningbo Port, COSCO Shipping Ports, China Merchants Port Group, HPH, APMT and DP World convened for a dynamic exchange on the industry's most pressing and innovative topics such as the application of intelligent technologies in future ports, adoption of green energy, reduction of carbon emissions, and improvement of logistics efficiency. At the sub-forums, ZPMC delved into a series of discussions.

Topics included automated multifunctional horizontal transport systems for docks, new smart and eco-efficient port machinery, sustainable intelligent manufacturing practices, automated warehousing and logistics equipment technology, strategies for the low-carbon development of ports, the world’s largest 3,500t wind turbine installation vessel, Asia’s first two offshore windfarm Service Operation Vessels, Offshore VSC-HVDC Station, offshore floating cranes, intelligent steel bridge manufacturing, and strategies for offshore transportation and installation. 

Furthermore, a milestone was celebrated with the rollout of ZPMC’s 10,000th international standard spreader. The spreader is a crucial piece of equipment in the loading and unloading process at ports.

ZPMC’s container spreader products have undergone more than 30 years of development and highlight a diverse range that includes over 200 models across 8 series, including single-box, double-box, hydraulic and all-electric options.