Jamaican men have some of the “sweetest mouth” – which, in other words, means that they know just the right words to sweet talk or “lyrics” a woman!

Jamaican men are big-time flirters too so the phrases or sentences oftentimes roll of their lips with ease. All though most men flirt harmlessly, others will try to push further if they see you reciprocating their energy (flirting).

For those who are not familiar with how they do this, here is a small list of phrases or sentences Jamaicans use for flirting.

  • “Yow empress, yuh look good enuh” – Hey empress, you look really good.
  • “My size/type” – literally translates to “my size / type” and is used to mean a female is to their liking.
  • “Jah know, baby, mi woulda deh wid yuh enuh” – God knows, baby, I would date you.
  • “Psssst” – a very common sound made by passing air through the teeth. It is very popular and used to get a female’s attention. It is also referred to as a catcall.
  • Slimaz/Fatty/Browning/Black Beauty – Jamaican men are notorious for calling to a woman by her physical appearance. Almost always there is no derogatory attachment to these references but then it also depends on how this is received by the female.
  • “Baby me waan drop inna ur life enuh” – Baby, I’d love to be a part of your life.
  • “Baby beg yaa minute a yuh time nuh” – Baby, can I have a minute of your time? – This is a starter line to get attention and also to request a few minutes to talk.
  • “A me fi a tek care a da body deh enuh” – I should be the one taking care of your body.

This is an example of how forward (beyond boundary) flirting can get on the island. It is usually an advance statement after a female respond positively to an initial statement, but some men will use it as a first statement.