How well do you know the national anthem? Revolución de Cuba, the Cuban-inspired bar and restaurant brand, is celebrating the King’s Coronation weekend by giving customers the chance to earn a free Pineapple Daiquiri, but there’s one catch.

Taking place across the entire Coronation weekend, Revolución de Cuba will be challenging customers to serenade bar staff with their very own rendition of ‘God Save the King’, and if they impress, they’ll be rewarded with a Pineapple Daiquiri on the house (while stocks last). Sing or hum, the choice is yours.

Sound easy? According to research carried out by Revolución de Cuba, 43% of people are confident they could sing the national anthem, while 65% think they could hum it, but not so many are up to scratch on the lyrics. Only 46% of respondents were aware the national anthem actually has six verses, not two, which is the number 46% also incorrectly guessed.

So, get those vocal cords warmed up, and the stage is yours. The Pineapple Daiquiri is made with premium Havana Club Cuban Spiced rum, shaken with pineapple juice, lime and sugar.

Kate Hawkshaw, Brand Manager at Revolution Bars Group, said: “The coronation is a chance for people across the UK to celebrate with friends and family, and we’re taking it as an opportunity to spread some Cuban kindness by giving free Havana Club cocktails to the partying public. Revolución de Cuba is the perfect place for every kind of fiesta - whether it's an everyday event right through to a right royal celebration, and we can’t wait to hear everyone give it what they’ve got and impress us with their national anthem renditions.”