Recognizing the value of women and the diverse roles they play, home textiles company Bedsure celebrates the comfort and coziness of home through their 2022 International Women’s Day Campaign and Giveaway.

The brand’s 2020 Women’s Day campaign was popular with social media followers, receiving 4,926 views, 152 likes and 11 comments from people around the world.

Following on from previous, successful campaigns that celebrate women, men and families, Bedsure is launching their 2022 Women’s Day campaign to appreciate women and celebrate the home – as a safe, comforting and cozy space. 

Lilian Fan, Bedsure Brand Director, says: “This Women’s Day, we celebrate the many roles that women have in society, in the workplace and at home.  As a company that was founded with a woman’s vision of making home textiles as cozy as a hug, we are proud of all the contributions that women make.

“Our Every Woman Deserves A Cozy Home Campaign is intended to offer inspiration to all women and men. In recognizing the value of all kinds of women, we hope that our home textiles can make their lives comfier and cozier, every day.”

Bedsure acknowledges the diverse – and important – roles that women have in society and celebrates the home as a sanctuary and a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Bedsure’s International Women’s Day Campaign will feature engaging content across Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok through the 8th of March 2022. 

Bedsure TikTok followers will be able to enjoy 3 short and sweet videos to help women get comfortable and cozy at home, easily. To see these useful, joyful videos, click here to follow and view.

On Facebook and Instagram, followers in the US will be able to enter into a draw to win a special Bedsure Gift Bundle.

The Gift Bundle features a Fleece Throw Blanket, Tufted Embroidery Duvet Cover, 2 Hotel Style Pillows and a luxurious Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set. Two lucky winners will get the special Women’s Day Gift Bundle.

The Women’s Day Gift Bundle is valued at $204.96 and is only available through Bedsure’s Women Day Campaign on Facebook and Instagram.  The gifts can help women to enjoy every day and make their home a place of utter comfort and coziness.