Birmingham has already achieved international renown as the UK's second city, but now new data from revolutionary trading platform has revealed that "Brum" is beating other second cities around the world when it comes to off-plan property investment. There's no doubting Birmingham's popularity as a travel destination. Birmingham International Airport has recorded 19 consecutive months of record-breaking growth, with 1,207,796 passengers travelling through the airport in September 2016 alone, up by 15.8% on the previous September. Long-haul growth rates are ahead of short-haul, at 21.5% and 15.1% year-on-year respectively.
But its not just visitors Birmingham is attracting. The city is hugely popular with investors, as Jon Ellis, Founder and CEO of Investorist, comments, 
"Birmingham offers an excellent investment landscape, from high end retail space to some outstanding residential property developments. It's a city that appeals to investors on many levels and the post-Brexit drop in the sterling's value has made it even more attractive to those who have other investment currencies to spend - particularly dollars or currencies pegged to the dollar."
Investorist's latest data brings Birmingham's excellent value for money into sharp focus by comparing it with two other world-class second tier urban centres: Brisbane and Brooklyn. In Brooklyn, the best value apartment listed came in at £10,793 per square metre, making it the most expensive of the three centres. Brisbane was next, at £3,976 per square metre, while Birmingham offered the best value for money at just £3,068 per square metre.