At a time where many youth/art centres have closed down, Eloquent Arts Centre is in the process of opening their doors to something truly special and needed for the young people in Birmingham.

The team at Eloquent Praise & Empowerment Dance Company have previously done a lot of work within the Birmingham community, which has driven their inspiration for this new project.

Directors, also mother and daughter duo Romanah Malcolm (pictured on the right) and Janice Davis (pictured on the left) said: “On the back of the work that we have been doing in the community for the previous 6 years, we also recognised a need for a space/ a home away from home for those who want to explore and develop their creative arts, build business ideas and other opportunities.”

It will be a multi-purpose hub, committed to providing a safe space for creative arts development, business and community. This will be an open space for creatives to grow artistically and unleash their full potential. It will hold several studios including dance and music studios, classrooms, photography rooms and much more.

On opening their doors - just off the Aston Expressway - they say they will be paying close attention to government guidelines regarding Covid-19 to assure the safety of their staff and visitors by taking the necessary steps in receiving guidance from Public Health England to ensure all who attend are adhering to social distancing guidelines and kept safe throughout the duration of the launch event.

Not only is the arts centre a pivotal part for the arts community, it is also built with a focus to create new and exciting opportunities for the BAME communities within the area.

The directors explains: “At a time where people have become more culturally sensitive, due to the disproportionate way Covid19 has affected BAME communities and the more widely spread awareness around Black Lives Matter, it is important for us to open up our doors to engage the BAME community within Eloquent Arts Centre.”

The team believes the impact of the arts centre will strengthen families, engage young people, build confidence, connect the disconnected and develop future leaders and creatives who will contribute to our wider society.