It’s something ambulance staff hear most weekends from the ‘friends’ of drunk patients we’re trying to treat. When you’re out this festive period, we’re urging people to look after each other by sticking together and keeping an eye on what your friends are drinking so that the skills of ambulance staff are reserved for saving lives rather than babysitting people who have simply had too much to drink.

For the 10th year, the Trust’s Temporary Minor Injuries Unit (TMIU) returns to Birmingham City Centre to provide onsite treatment to partygoers who end up injured, intoxicated and separated from their friends during their night out. The self-contained medical unit, staffed by WMAS, volunteers and medics, treats patients on site to help ensure ambulance crews in the City are free to respond to life-threatening emergencies.

Nathan Hudson, the Trust’s General Manager for Birmingham and the Black Country, said: “We want people to have a Merry Christmas and enjoy New Year celebrations without ending their night on a stretcher. People think that there’s an infinite supply of ambulances and there simply isn’t. If we’re having to respond to someone who is so drunk that they can’t stand up it could mean the difference between life and death for someone else.”   

The TMIU will once more take up residence in Cambridge Street, in space provided by the Library of Birmingham and will operate on Saturday 17th, Friday 23rd and Saturday 31st December after the library has closed.

Paramedic Mike Duggan oversees the running of the Trust’s smaller-scale City Centre Treatment Unit which operates each Friday and Saturday night on Broad Street and treats 60-80 patients each weekend.

Mike said: “In previous years the TMIU has treated around 100 revellers during the weekend before Christmas. It’s always unpredictable in terms of what we’ll encounter at the TMIU but, what’s always certain is a steady stream of patients to keep the multi-agency team of medics busy to help preserve emergency ambulances for genuine life-threatening 999 calls.” 

To avoid spoiling your night by needing our help, there are a few simple measures you can take:

·       Eat a meal before heading out so that you’re not drinking on an empty


·       Pace yourself throughout the night and alternate your drinks with water

·       Know your limits – don’t try to keep up with what other people are drinking

·       Look after each other and keep each other safe