Luxury styling mobile game Drest is delighted to partner with Bakeup, the digital-first beauty brand founded by British celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker and LA-based musician Grace Gaustad. Drest will introduce seven of Bakeup’s most playful looks into its Beauty Mode gameplay, which enables hyper-real, close-up beauty play and experimentation, giving players the opportunity to use expertly created digital makeup on their avatars.

These will include the Disco Veiler Eye Adornment, made of illusion mesh and micro-crystals, which transforms the eye area into a sparkly wonderland; as well as the Playbox by Jo Baker, which contains different face gems, giving players the opportunity to experiment with a variety of eye-catching looks, from a simple sparkle in the corner of the eye, to a full-face lightning bolt, allowing endless possibilities of self-expression. All seven looks will launch on May 15th and be available to use within the game until June 15th.

To celebrate Pride, Bakeup will launch an additional two looks in early June. In addition to the looks, Drest will bring Bakeup’s Playscape, the virtual experience pushing the boundaries of experiential beauty, into the game as a bespoke photoshoot location for Drest stylists to place their avatars in. 

Jo Baker, Bakeup Co-Founder said: “As an artist, nothing excites me more than inspiring boundless creativity. Digital-first is at the heart of the Bakeup brand DNA, and we strive to provide ways for everyone to tap into self-expression through experiential beauty play. I am thrilled to see our imaginative designs live in other worlds through this new partnership with Drest.” 

Bakeup Co-Founder, Grace Gaustad, went on: “I believe that every face tells its own unique story, and that leaning into the power of makeup and beauty is the ultimate means of self-expression. I am always open to new ways of experimenting with beauty to help express different moments, moods and feelings, and the new partnership between Bakeup and Drest will allow everyone to explore their own form of art-inspired storytelling that our brand is built on, now on their avatars.” 

Lucy Yeomans, Drest Founder and Chief Brand and Product Officer said: “There is a lot of excitement around avatar personalisation within gaming and this partnership with BAKEUP gives our Drest stylists the opportunity to do just that. From creating real-life looks for the likes of Olivia Wilde, Bella Hadid, Lucy Boynton and Salma Hayek, to her digital-first makeup brand, Jo’s artistry is undeniable, and we are thrilled to be working with her and Grace to bring their vision to life into our game.”

Ignited by the cosmic collision of two artistic visionaries — one from the world of beauty and one from music — Bakeup was born from a shared passion for storytelling and freedom of expression. Founded in the space created by emerging technology, Bakeup is a digital-first brand designed to push the boundaries of experiential beauty and self-expression.

Drest is the gaming company that merges the creative worlds of luxury, beauty and lifestyle with the infinite possibilities of the metaverse. Taking exclusive real-world events to offer players the chance to improve and exhibit their styling talent using the latest luxury fashion and beauty collections, Drest is the ultimate fashion playground, a unique space where brands, talent and institutions can connect with audiences keen to discover, experience and be part of a creative community.