Providing direct grants to people who have a professional background and their dependents, the Elizabeth Finn Fund has been given direct grants and support for over a century to people living in financial difficulties who have a professional background and meet its grant-giving criteria.

They give grants to people who hold, or formally held, occupations requiring a particular level responsibility and education, or whose partner has done so.

Awards can be granted to people from over 120 different professions whose work history includes employment in a role which requires a degree; NVQ level 4 or above – or equal.

The grants given help make a difference to an individual, or family’s life and improve their living conditions.

Over a million people contacted the charity for help – despite the government’s Coronavirus Retention Scheme

One person who was helped by the Elizabeth Finn Fund is Douglas, who said: “I was very emotional because I didn’t expect that kind of help.

“The grant allowed us to get back on our feet, pay off the critical priority bills and allowed time to sort things out so we could have a peaceful existence”.

Turn2us is giving £500 grants to people who are in financial jeopardy because of coronavirus.

Applicants for the Turn2us Coronavirus Fund will have to meet eligibility criteria to make sure that the money reaches those who are most genuinely in need.

As part of the application process for an Elizabeth Finn Fund, a range of documents – like bank statements – are required as evidence of occupation and situation.