A growing number of businesses are using haircuts to encourage employees into the office on particular days as flexible working becomes the norm across the UK.

The number of people working from home for at least some of the week rose from 5% before the Covid pandemic to 19% since and many employers are now looking at ways to incentivise staff members to come into the office on certain days.

The trend has led to a boom in business for Get Groomed Mobile Barbers, who have seen the trend that started in the City of London now spreading to other parts of the country.

Get Groomed founder Giuliano Dore said: “Before the pandemic businesses in the technology sector were leading the way providing the opportunity for people to have a haircut or beard trim during their working day. We were building up a good portfolio of such businesses in London, who were following the lead of tech giants in California when the pandemic hit, and the work disappeared.

“Now the phone is ringing again and this time it is a wider range of businesses, and the main motivation is to find something that encourages people to attend the office on a particular day. If staff know the barber will be there they will come in.

“The trend has also spread beyond London. We have been working closely with a car finance company in Manchester and businesses in Birmingham on events that will give people a reason to come into the office.”

Haircuts and other services that just can’t be carried out on Zoom are now attracting the attention of HR Managers because they are not only a useful perk for employees but also help they ensure offices are buzzing once again with employees able to network and work collaboratively.Get Groomed was founded by Giuliano and Sabrina Vjaykumar in London and the website, www.getgroomed.co.uk  immediately became popular offering haircuts, wet shaves and beard trims in homes, offices and hotel rooms across the capital.

Get Groomed works with professional barbers with at least one year’s experience and relevant qualifications on a commission-based basis, so those who join the team can either be full time or work part-time.