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Colors: Pink Color

Consigned Sealed Delivered (CSD), a new online retailer for authenticated luxury consignment, has announced its partnership with Climate Partner as part of its mission to be a fully carbon neutral company by 2030.

Over the course of the next nine years and beyond, CSD will become carbon neutral in its operations and across its supply chain, accounting for all Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emitted. CSD will be committed to using eco-friendly and sustainable packaging from inbound shipments to its office. It has also pledged to only use sustainable delivery methods for inbound and outbound shipments. More information is provided on DHL’s website regarding the eco-conscious promise.

CSD has also invested in Oxwash to clean its retail garments, ensuring it reduces the consumption of unnecessary products. Climate Partner will conduct yearly carbon audits of CSD’s emissions to ensure the company’s goal of full carbon neutrality is progressing as planned.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation reports that an estimated 92-million-tons of textile waste is created each year and the equivalent of a rubbish truck ends up on landfill sites every second. What’s more, by 2030, the global population is expected to discard more than 134-million-tons of textiles per year. This is largely due to the linear ‘take-make-waste’ model traditionally adopted in the fashion industry.

Consignment brands like CSD extend the lifestyle of clothing through a circular model, which is restorative and regenerative by design.

“A more sustainable fashion future must start with shipping. That’s why we’re teaming up with some of the world’s leaders in fashion and sustainability to reach our goal of becoming a fully carbon neutral company by 2030”, says CSD’s Founder and CEO, Gamal Marwan.

Shipping plays a vital part in the global economy, which recognizes a more sustainable future is needed to meet future demand. By working towards a more sustainable model, also cuts down the CO2 emissions protecting the environment from pollution. Gamal continued; “Ecommerce deliveries have increased by 32.4% in the wake of COVID-19, and we believe that the powerful consumer demand signals can be a force in creating a more sustainable fashion economy.”

With the increase in online shopping in the wake of COVID and the impending growth of eCommerce, more sustainable ways to meet demands must exist. CSD is a fully paperless business, and every item in its offices including desks, chairs, and laptops are upcycled, recycled, and previously loved. Additionally, CSD has joined numerous sustainability coalitions, partnerships, and initiatives to create a circular fashion economy:

● Oxwash – CSD’s inventory is dry cleaned exclusively with Oxwash, using sustainable materials and non-toxic chemicals to minimize environmental impact

● One Tree Planted – Its first project has planted 1,000 trees in the Albertine Rift forests of Uganda as part of its restoration partnership with One Tree Planted and the Jane Goodall Institute

● Sustainable Packaging – CSD uses 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable packages made from wood pulp sourced from managed plantations. The ribbons used are made from 100% post-consumer waste plastic, using 90% recycled water during the manufacturing process. CSD stickers are made with compostable and biodegradable Nature Flex Clear material, sourced from wood pulp.

CSD is an international retailer for consigned luxury goods, transforming luxury resale by providing an end-to-end service that offers a curated and personalised boutique experience online on a global scale. It is a superior retailer offering fashion classics, limited editions, future collectibles, and unique one-of-a-kind pieces that will elevate the current resale market offering by providing a highly desirable inventory and an exceptional design aesthetic.

After a year of serving the fashion-forward public from its Newark, New Jersey base, ‘Dressed Up’, the Caribbean-owned retail shoppe which specializes strictly in dresses now brings its warmth, personality and unique style to the virtual space with its all new online presence.

In addition to offering a unique collection of contemporary and vintage dresses, Dressed Up, the online store will continue to infuse the beauty, elegance and warmth that have become synonymous with its physical counterpart commonly referred to as ‘Dressed Up The Shoppe’.

Trinidadian-born entrepreneur and fashionista Diane Wiltshire, known as ‘Fury’ spearheads the Dressed Up brand and genuinely takes pride in delivering an extraordinary and personal experience. In true Caribbean fashion, she is passionate about meeting and mingling with her esteemed clientele and was originally resistant to the idea of adding a digital adaptation of her shoppe, hesitant about its ability to support her vision for the brand of the business.

However, with the emergence of Covid 19 and the all-round necessity for online product and service procurement, Fury propelled herself into creative mode in order to reimagine how a virtual approach to Dressed Up could continue to manifest a fulfilling, productive yet unique experience for all.

She shared: “My intention, in opening my shoppe, was to always ‘meet people where they are’ and, where we all are in this moment is finding ways to virtually satisfy our needs and desires.”

Thus far, Dressed Up the online store has received favourable and enthusiastic feedback from an international cross section of dress aficionados and has gained praise for both its mixture of modern and vintage selections while maintaining the high level of elegance and personality that has become one and the same with the brand.

Currently, the online store’s range of dresses is available to customers in the Continental US and internationally to those with access to sky boxes. Fury, whose goal is global expansion, is pleased to have Dressed Up as the new online retail destination for dresses and aspires to grow it into a virtual marketplace.

The online brand which features the dress collection styles of Caribbean fashion icon Meiling will eventually be a platform for other entrepreneurs to showcase their products.

For Fury, finding ways to support other small business owners and entrepreneurs during these unprecedented times is a priority. For her, “there is strength in numbers” so she is committed to creating one platform where, on a monthly basis, fellow entrepreneurs are able to showcase themselves.

Most notably, as this virtual extension of the Dressed Up brand continues to provide select one-of-a-kind couture dresses for the discerning and fashion-conscious, its charitable arm ‘reDressed’ maintains its mission to dress survivors of domestic abuse as they re-enter the workforce.

Visit the all new dress-exclusive virtual portal for Dressed Up at:

Manchester-based brand ISAWITFIRST have today announced that they are once again the Official Fashion & Sunglasses Partner of Love Island for 2021, following the hugely successful partnerships in 2019 and 2020.

The seventh series of ITV2 and ITV Hub's smash hit dating show returns this summer with a bevy of singletons looking for love and a chance to claim the amazing £50,000 prize.

As the official fashion partner of the show, ISAWITFIRST will be providing both male and female Islanders with a whole new wardrobe so all they need to worry about is cracking on!

Once again the Love Island audience will be able to shop the show directly from the Love Island app, which will showcase a selection of the products seen in the villa. The fashion brand has also announced that they will be sponsoring the FIRST LOOK aspect of the show, where viewers are able to see a sneak peak of the day's episode. What’s more the brand will have access to exclusive imagery from inside the villa.

The brand saw huge success from the lucrative partnership deal in previous years, namely a 67% increase in sales month on month, a 60% spike in traffic week on week and a whopping 254% increase in followers on Instagram and 61% on Twitter.

Leanne Holmes, brand director at ISAWITFIRST, said: “We are so thrilled that the show is back for another series. The Love Island partnership has proven to be a fantastic opportunity for us to gain direct access to our target audience. The Love Island live TV show, app and associated social media, allows us to make on-trend looks accessible to everyone, as we showcase what’s been worn in the show with an option to purchase.

“Our audience can see a look on the show and make it theirs the very next day. This is exactly what ISAWITFIRST strives for: delivering affordable, high fashion, fast.”

Gemma Isherwood, Client Strategy Controller at ITV: “We are delighted to have ISAWITFIRST back in the Love Island Villa for a third series as the show’s official fashion & Sunglasses partner. Over the years the partnership has played an instrumental part in the brands growth strategy, reaching core audiences in a way that is culturally more powerful than advertising alone. This year's show is set to be the most anticipated content of the summer for 16-34s and we can't wait to see the As Seen On Screen effect take full hold again for ISAWITFIRST as the nation reunites with the ultimate summer of love.”

ISAWITFIRST.COM burst onto the scene back in May 2017 and since then has been the official fashion partner of Love Island for 3 years on the run, an official partner of iconic Ibiza beach club O Beach, official partner of the MOBOs 2020 and has done some standout fashion collections with Love Island alumni Olivia Attwood and Molly Smith. What’s more the brand made waves when they were the first to launch a solo collection with a black female influencer with a sellout edit with Mariam Musa. The brand has quickly grown and become one of the UK’s leading fast-fashion e-tailers.

With Instagram influencers all sporting the ‘perfect look’, many of us would try anything to look like our idols, even if it means spending £££ on cosmetic surgery. 

Recently though, as a number of celebrities have decided to reverse their cosmetic fillers and dentistry, it’s had many of us wondering if the natural look is back in fashion… 

Molly-Mae Hague is most well known for her stint in the famous ITV show ‘Love Island’ when she fell in love with her current boyfriend Tommy Fury.

Since she was 17 she has been injecting her lips with filler for a more ‘plump’ look. However, in October Molly took the decision to get her filler dissolved to look more natural. In her recent vlog on her Youtube account she told her fans how she has had her composite bonding removed so she can take better care of her natural teeth. 

Part of the world famous Kardashian clan, Kylie being the youngest sibling she is best known for her lip full lips which she achieved by injecting filler. She took to instagram in 2018 to tell her fans that she also had her lip filler dissolved.

Gemma Collins, who has made her name from starring in The Only Way Is Essex, is now reportedly worth a huge £2.7 million.

She has never been shy in saying that she has had a number of cosmetic procedures including botox and filler. The thought of her young female fans taking drastic actions to look like their idols, therefore Gemma made the decision to reverse both her lip filler and botox.

Waleed Taleb from Vera Clinic - the leading hair transplant and cosmetic surgery hospital in Europe - commented: “Any cosmetic procedure should be something that has been fully thought through and discussed with some you trust.

“As much as fillers and other cosmetic procedures can be reversed and dissolved this shouldn’t be something to be relied on.”

Working half-dressed becomes standard among comfort loving Finns as local retailer responds with telco-friendly collection

This spring working from home has become the new normal. As practically every work-related meeting takes place now in a virtual environment, a more relaxed dress code has become a norm – at least for the parts not exposed to camera during video calls. Finnish retail chain Prisma responded to this emerging trend by creating a special collection combining formal upper parts with less formal bottoms into striking outfits.

According to recent research, more than every fifth Finn has started working from home this spring due to the coronavirus outbreak. A massive change in our everyday lives has also had an unexpected, but natural impact on how we dress for work nowadays. As the originators of the phenomenon ‘kalsarikännit’ - getting drunk at home in your underwear, Finns have taken full advantage of the situation where it is totally acceptable to participate in business meetings wearing hawaii shorts or yoga pants.

Päivi Hole, the Vice President of Sport and Apparel from Prisma, explains: “The change in clothing trends was quickly noticed as sales of homewear started to rocket soon after the Finnish government put restrictions into action. Aim of the campaign was to remind people to stay creative and go a bit goofy once in a while in the midst of these difficult times as well - because that’s the spirit we Finnish people are known for”.

Prisma also wanted to create conversation around the phenomenon so they challenged Finns to share their best remote-working outfits in social media.  In addition to social media, the conversation around remote-working has been busy in traditional media too. Short while ago for example Twitter announced that their employees can continue working from home even after the pandemic. The same trend will most likely be seen in Finland too.

“If the predictions about remote-working becoming the new normal are right it will surely have a permanent effect on how people dress for work. Let it be a suit jacket that goes with your college pants or vice versa, we deliver Finns whatever they want to wear - even the oddest combinations. Maybe these goofy outfits will be the new phenomenon Finns are known for around the world”, continues Hole.