Europe needs to decarbonize the energy system and it is being done through electrification.

Electrification via renewable energy production increases the need for demand side flexibility and Energy Smart Appliances plays an important role here.

The EU Code of Conduct for Smart Energy Appliances is launched to give confidence to consumers so that they know that the products they buy are future-proof. Swedish heat pump manufacturer Qvantum has now joined the exclusive group of manufacturers who signed the Code of Conduct (CoC).

“From the very start we have developed heat pumps intending to aid in stabilizing the grid”, says Maria Malm Skarin, Business unit manager of Flexibility services at Qvantum.

“Qvantums next generation of networked heat pumps are designed as thermal batteries. They are a fantastic asset in smart energy system, and the CoC makes it clear to our customers and partners that we obey a strict set of rules.”

Qvantum has developed hardware and software that allow the customer to automatically become a prosumer, benefiting from providing demand-side flexibility while contributing to a more stable power grid. “We enable users to take an active part in the energy transition without spending extra time or money on it”, Malm Skarin continues.

Qvantum has made its products “flexready”. With a flexready product, customers can optimize their heating system when the services become available in the respective markets.

"Qvantum heat pumps are more than just heat pumps; they are, in fact, networked thermal batteries that can help balance the power grid. And this service can generate income for the heat pump owner."

With the decision to join, Qvantum commits to become an active partner in the initiative and to provide the functions necessary under the ESA CoC in its products. Qvantum has developed and produced high-quality heat pumps and energy systems since 1993.

Its team of leading experts designs the next generation of heating and cooling solutions. Qvantum provides heat pumps and a unique software suite that will make it easier for Engineering consultants, Installers, Project developers, and Utilities to decarbonise the heating and cooling of urban areas.

Headquartered in Åstorp in Sweden, Qvantum has subsidiaries in Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, France, Austria, Hungary and the UK, and has recently acquired a large-scale manufacturing facility from Electrolux. The company currently has some 270 employees in eight countries.